Spoiler Alert: Paramore On The End Of 'Lord Of The Rings,' Wallpaper Kills 'Star Wars,' Haim Explain 'The Breakfast Club' & More At The 2013 Woodies (VIDEO)

paramore woodie awards spoilers

Too busy to watch all of the "Harry Potter" movies? Paramore help you skip to the end.

The whole concept behind the Woodie Awards is music college kids love. And what else do college kids love besides music? Besides Shakespeare, always going to class, turning in papers a day ahead of schedule, and not doing drugs? Movies! Which is why I asked some of the all-star musicians at the 2013 Woodie Awards about movies. But who's got time to watch an entire movie when you could be tweeting and watching cat videos? Which is why I asked those musicians to skip to the point and spoil the endings of popular movies. Missed the end of "Lord Of The Rings"? Paramore sums it up tidily. Never seen "Legally Blonde"? Hayley Williams explains it all. Don't know what happens in "Star Wars"? Let Wallpaper bring you the closure you need. Twenty One Pilots share a pivotal moment in "Titanic." Haim recaps "The Breakfast Club" like their last name was Ebert. And you'll never guess what happens in the end of "Ernest Goes To Jail," so just let Woodie winner A-Trak tell you, for God's sake.

Watch Paramore, Wallpaper, A-Trak, Haim, Twenty One Pilots and more Woodies musicians spoil the endings of famous movies at the 2013 mtvU Woodie Awards:

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