'Batman 3' Casting Rumor Denied By Eddie Murphy, Won't Play The Riddler In 'Dark Knight' Sequel

According to Access Hollywood, a representative of Murphy has categorized the rumors as "not true."

So, where does that leave us in the "Batman 3" rumor mess?

The initial British report that cast Murphy in the role also attached Shia LaBeouf as Bat-sidekick Robin, and Rachel Weisz in the role of Catwoman. Neither star has issued a statement regarding the rumors, and while we're inclined to doubt the former (LaBeouf as Robin) and be cautiously skeptical about the latter (Weisz as Catwoman), there's still that pesky lack of any confirmation whatsoever from Warner Bros or director Christopher Nolan that there will even be a "Dark Knight" sequel.

But we're keeping hope alive, aren't we?

Keep your eyes on Splash Page for more information as "Batman 3" news develops.

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