Bobby Shmurda Will Spend More Than A Year In Jail Before Going To Trial

More bad news for the Brooklyn rapper.

Wish we had some good news about Bobby Shmurda, but unfortunately it's quite the opposite. The Brooklyn rapper has been behind bars since his December arrest for weapons and conspiracy charges, and his most recent attempt to be released from jail was unsuccessful, yet again.

According to Page Six, Shmurda, born Ackquille Pollard, appeared in a New York City court on Monday, where he received a new trial date for Feb. 22., although it was previously set to begin this month.

He was accompanied by his new laywer, Alex Spiro, of Brafman & Associates, who plead with the judge to have him released from jail in the meantime. No dice.

Special Narcotics Prosecutor Nigel Farinha reportedly argued against release by explaining that detectives have gathered more incriminating evidence against the rapper in recent months.

He also pointed out that his bail applications have been denied at least four times already. This means that Shmurda will be incarcerated for over a year, until his trial begins next year.

It probably didn't help that his girlfriend was allegedly caught trying to sneak a knife into the Riker's Island complex this summer.

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