Obama And Usher Danced To ‘Hotline Bling’ And We’re Freaking Out

🎶 Ever since I left the [White House] you ... 🎶

The election may be one of the most stressful things to ever go down in American politics, but at least President Obama is working out tension the way the rest of do any any given Friday night: on the dance floor. With Usher. And Janelle Monáe. And it’s fine, we’re not jealous at all. Really. Nbd.

At BET’s Love and Happiness event at the White House — which marks the last music event the Obamas will host at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as president and first lady of the United States — several stars turned out (and turned up) for the festivities, including The Roots, Dave Chappelle, Jill Scott, and more.

After the official business wrapped, Obama rolled up his sleeves and followed Usher to the dance floor, where the two did what anyone in that moment would: They broke out their best Drizzy dance moves to “Hotline Bling.”

If there’s anything in this world that can unite us, it’s the challenge presented by trying to nail those goofy side steps that Drake made famous in the neon-washed video for the track — and it’s good to know the president can let loose and sing along with it, just like us.

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