Fractured Friendship: Can Jenna And Tamara's 'Awkward' Bond Survive Sadie?

Two's company, but three's a crowd.

What’s worse than being stuck between a rock and a hard place? Being stuck between a lifelong best friend and someone who would prefer if the aforementioned were six feet under.

On tonight’s Awkward season premiere, which time-jumped to the summer after the Palos Hills gang’s freshman year at college, Jenna found herself desperate for a bit of familiarity. She didn’t find it with Matty, with whom she’d mysteriously broken up; she didn’t find it in her parents, who were busy with their new baby daughter. And, perhaps most depressingly, she didn’t find it in BFF Tamara, who’d found a new partner-in-crime in Sadie.

Yup, though Sadie and Tamara had spent the better part of high school plotting the other’s undoing, a tandem year in New York (Sadie enrolled at Columbia while Tamara was busy at NYU) repaired their connection and then some. The only problem? The new bond came at the expense of Jennara: While Sadie had come around on Tamara, she hadn’t changed her mind on Jenna and continued to read the famed blogger to filth. T tried as best she could to be diplomatic but found the prospect of keeping her two buds at bay simply exhausting.

“You guys, I’m really trying to swing this and be bifriendtual, but your girl-fighting is making it muy hard,” she noted.

Jenna, too, observed that her friendship with Tamara was suffering. Instantly upon returning home, Tamara bailed on Jenna halfway through a planned friend catch-up in favor of hanging with Sadie, and Jenna wondered if Tamara had finally become too cool to keep her around. How quickly things can change…

Tamara and Jenna have had their bumps in the road before, but they’ve never been forced to contend with a third friend party. What do you think: Will Sadie tear the ladies apart, or is the fact that Sadie and Tamara are friends proof that anything can happen -- and that maybe Sadie will find a place in her heart for “Hamiltoe” too? Give your take, and be sure to see how Jenna and Tamara’s friendship advances next Tuesday at 10/9c!

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