45 Ways College Is Exactly Like Hogwarts

Muggles rejoice!

1. Walking onto campus feels exciting, intimidating, and magical

The architecture is so beautiful you might as well be living in a fairy tale.

2. There's an absolutely essential tool that you cannot live without

For wizards, it's a wand. For muggles, it's a laptop.

3. You get lost constantly

4. So you start carrying around a map

5. You meet people in the strangest ways

Girls form many friendships in frat bathrooms, because there's no better bonding experience than peeing in dirty bathrooms with no toilet paper. Just sayin'.

6. First impressions are everything

Even though all your first impressions will probably be very wrong.

7. Terrifying bugs lurk in unsuspecting corners of your dorm

You can't see them, but they sure can see you.

8. You miss people

You miss your parents, your siblings, your friends back home, and your dog. You'll stay in touch with everyone who matters most to you and lose touch with the rest -- and that's OK.

9. You end up on listservs you definitely never signed up for

Owls are basically the Wizarding World's equivalent to emails.

10. There's entirely too much required reading

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11. You become fiercely passionate about your college's sports teams

Even if you don't actually care about sports outside of school. You're more of a fan of the tailgating than the actual game, anyway.

12. There's at least one star athlete that the whole school fangirls over

13.Your university's president exudes wisdom and sophistication

He or she is basically a celebrity on campus.

14. The school song is borderline tacky

"Hogwarts, Hogwarts, hoggy warty Hogwarts, teach us something please…"

15. Your school's paper or blog or whatever has ALL the scandalous gossip

16. Course registration is a hot mess

The process of enrolling students in classes is just as confusing as the Sorting Hat's logic. Unless you beg and plead with your school's registrar and professors, you won't get into that one class -- or in Harry's case, house -- you really, really want to be in.

17. Writing notes by hand is painful

Professors talk a mile a minute. Good luck trying to frantically scribble down all your lecture notes when you inevitably have a prof who doesn't allow laptops in class.

18. Weird things happen in the coed bathrooms

19. You don't always get things right the first time

20. You'll have at least one awesome professor…

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21. …a prof who tries way too hard…

22. …a prof who honestly wants to help you succeed…

23. …and a prof who scares the sh-- out of you

24. Things can feel a little overwhelming at times

25. You develop a secret crush on someone who lives in your dorm

Hey, dormcest is a thing that happens.

26. There's that one obnoxious kid you just wanna punch

But please don't actually punch them.

27. You see things you can't unsee on the the dance floor

28. Rando noises wake you up in the middle of the night

Hopefully it's just loud street traffic and not your housemates doing the dirty. We recommend buying ear plugs.

29. Then there's those times when you try to have a private moment, but your roommate is still there

And they're probably in bed Netflixing "Law and Order" re-runs with no pants on.

30. There are kisses with uncomfortable amounts of moisture

For Harry, it was Cho Chang's tears. For you, it may be a rather sloppy dance floor make out (a.k.a. DFMO).

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31. Candy is always an acceptable snack

It's too bad Reese's Cups don't come with wizarding cards.

32. You do funky stuff to fulfill your gen. ed. requirements

Lookin' at you, mandatory science lab with rat dissections.

33. Communicating with your parents is a struggle

You love your 'rents and miss them like crazy, but you get a flood of questions every time you call them: "Are you eating properly?" (Yes.) "Are you sure about that major?" (Ugh.) "Are you dating anyone yet?" (No, but thanks for reminding me.)

34. People consume questionable beverages

35. Like Harry, you also know true pain -- in the form of a brutal, merciless hangover

36. Figuring out the mind of the opposite sex is still a mystery

37. Getting home for fall break is a nightmare and a half

Oh, you want to catch a bus/train/flight on time? You'll have an easier time searching for Platform 9 3/4.

38. You stand up for your friends

39. If you decide to rush, you get a swanky chapter house to hang out in

You don't get a singing fat lady to guard it like the Gryffindor common room, but it's still pretty cool.

40. And you're constantly decked out in your sorority/fraternity's colors

Just like Hogwarts students always sport their house's colors.

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41. Halloween is a very important holiday

42. You find friends that get you

It may take some time, but it WILL happen.

43. Graduation seems a lifetime away

Truth is, it'll get here before you know it. College feels like it goes by faster than reading a Harry Potter book.

44. Soon you can't imagine living anywhere else

45. And finally, you learn to embrace the unexpected

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