All 41 'Scream' Deaths, Ranked

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A whole lot of people have died throughout four very stabby "Scream" movies. And while we mourn each and every soul that passed in Woodsboro, at Windsor College, in Los Angeles, and back at Woodsboro again, it is undeniable that some of those souls had way better deaths than the others.

Below, we rank all 41 confirmed deaths from the "Scream" movies -- and we say confirmed because Wes Craven himself has hinted that Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts) and Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere) might still be alive.

And soon, they'll be joined by the new "Scream" victims when the TV version premieres on MTV, on June 30. Happy hunting!

Maureen Prescott

It happened offscreen, but Maureen's death did set off the events of the entire series. Just think how many lives would have been saved if she hadn't been so thirsty!

Marnie Cooper

We didn't even see Marnie die, and barely had time to get to know her. So towards the bottom she goes.

Trudie Harrold

It was technically the opening for "Stab 6", but we didn't know that fact when we were watching it. RIP, fake girl.

Charlie Walker

Charlie's Ghostface barely registers, and his death almost directly mirrored Billy and Stu's. Meh.

Steven Stone

Kind of hard to be a bodyguard if you're not alive to guard the body.

Tom Prinze

Kind of surprising that "Scream" took three movies for someone to explode, no? Hey, at least it was quick, and made fun of pretty boy actors.

Sherrie Marconi

Another "Stab 6" movie-within-a-movie death, Sherrie's was just a little bit more unexpected and exciting than Trudie's. Sorry, Trudie.

Christine Hamilton

The opening to "Scream 3" was definitely the least original of the franchise. Christine died via a single stab wound to the chest, which definitely hardcore sucks, but not as badly as some of the other demises further up this list.

Kate Roberts

Sidney has a sister? Well, I guess it's had. HAD a sister. Sucks to die at your own front door, I guess.

Update: I was wrong, she was Sidney's aunt. Still, RIP, girl.

Trevor Sheldon

Shot in the di-k and then the head. Rough-ish way to go, if not, you know, memorable.

Angelina Tyler

Just your average stabbing, but her exclamation of "I didn't f--k an old man like Milton just to die here" before her demise was pretty great. Hey, the casting couch is a rough place.

Principal Arthur Himbry

How dare they kill Fonzie! His death wasn't that memorable, as Ghostface (Billy Loomis, I think?) didn't even give him much time to be scared. He just sort of... showed up in his office and stabbed him. But bonus points -- weird phrasing, I know -- for the added flair with the goalpost.

Jenny Randall

Points for the throwback to Tatum Riley's demise!

Steven Orth

Casey's football player boyfriend's death -- "he's big and he plays football and he'll kick the sh-t out of you" -- was way overshadowed by hers, but it was still a visceral and terrifying way to open up the movie.

Officer Andrews

Throat slit in his own damn car. Rough.

John Milton

The guy that raped Sidney's mother maybe kinda sorta deserved a more gory death than he got.

Tyson Fox

You fought hard. I'll give you that.

Robbie Mercer

At least he got to come out before he died?

Cici Cooper

Really? You're going to off Buffy? And make her a helpless sorority girl? And give her a totally boring, uninspired death?

Officer Richards

Bonus points for the impalement.

Mrs. Loomis

Mrs. L wasn't exactly the most physically intimidating Ghostface when it came to fighting Sidney at the end, and we never even knew she was alive until she revealed herself in the wings. She didn't have the best death, but at least it was drawn out and ridiculous, which is one of the best parts of dying in "Scream."

Cotton Weary

Cotton lasted pretty long in the "Scream"-verse, but elevating himself to talk show host probably put the nail in his coffin. His death was pretty typical -- stab stab -- but the element of Ghostface tricking Cotton's girlfriend into getting in on the murder-fun was at least kind of interesting.

Sarah Darling

The movie-within-a-movie stuff had gotten a bit tired by the time Sarah bit it, but putting her in a room full of Ghostface costumes was a nice touch.

Hallie McDaniel

Girl, you tried so hard. Climbing over "sleeping" Ghostface was brave -- and you were even smart enough to try to run away right after. Too bad the "Scream" world isn't fair, and double too bad that being Sidney Prescott's friend has a 98.2 percent fatality rate.

Ross Hoss

"Sucks to be a cop in a movie, unless you're Bruce Willis." Kudos to Adam Brody's Seth Cohen-esque character for predicting his own demise.

Jennifer Jolie

Stabbed through a one-way mirror while Gale Weathers -- the women you've played onscreen for years -- and her husband try to save you inches away? ROUGH.

Rebecca Walters

It's hard to separate the annoying Rebecca from my all-encompassing love for the fabulous Alison Brie, but still. Rebecca had one of those "she had it coming" deaths you were almost rooting for.

Olivia Morris

By "Scream 4" the films had long since began intentionally parodying and referencing their own mythology, and Olivia was far too Tatum-esque (read: sexual) to last very long in Woodsboro. Her death was kind of fun, though -- we'd definitely never seen the "watching from across the street" trick before.

Randy Meeks

It's fitting that Randy went out yelling at Ghostface for being unoriginal, as his death was completely, you know, unoriginal. Just another stabbing, but this time in a van. If he wasn't Randy Freaking Meeks, he'd be much further down on this list.

Derek Feldman

Shot point blank in the chest; Derek's was one of the quicker and less stabby deaths in the "Scream" franchise. But the fact that Sid could have arguably saved him but was dissuaded by Mickey makes it tough to, you know, stomach.

Mickey Altieri

Done in by your own accomplice is a fairly common way to go for those who take on the Ghostface mask, but Mickey here was the only one who was shot a comical number of times -- many by a nice older lady from the suburbs!

Rachel Milles

"Stab 7" was infinitely better than "Stab 6." LOL, Veronica Mars just offed Sookie Stackhouse for talking too much. Pot, kettle.

Anthony Perkins

Anthony's forehead-stab and his dazed walk towards death as blood poured out of his skull was pretty disgusting -- and his last words, "F--k Bruce Willis," were incredible.

Kenny Jones

I'm mostly freaking out because I only just now realized that Kenny the Cameraman and Dan Dority from "Deadwood" are the same person, but that doesn't make his death by slit throat any less unforgettable. Many throats have been suddenly slit in the "Scream" franchise, but Kenny's was the first that we saw onscreen.

Phil Stevens

Who ever thought that giving an entire, sugared up horror movie audience serial killer masks was a good idea? Phil Stevens would argue that it was in fact a terrible idea, but he's too dead -- via a stab in the ear in a movie theater bathroom stall -- to tell you this.

Roman Bridger

Despite "Scream 3" being kind of the worst, Scott Foley's Roman made a pretty decent Ghostface. His death at Sidney's hands -- she finally got to stab someone to death! -- was memorable, if only because of the weird sibling hand-holding stuff at the end; and the empowering cathartic moment for our heroine.

Billy Loomis

It took multiple stabs from an umbrella (via Sidney), even more stabs from a knife (Stu), a gunshot to the shoulder (Gale) and another to the forehead (Sidney) to get this monster down, but even Ghostface can't live forever. RIP, asshole.

Stu Macher

This nutjob had his drawn out, painful demise coming. It began with Billy stabbing him just a bit too deep in the gut, continued with his nearly incoherent babbling as more and more stabbing went on, then reached its completion when Sidney finally got her revenge with first a vase and then a television (which was showing Jamie Lee Curtis survive in "Halloween," natch). The fact that he cried "my mom and dad are gonna be so mad at me" ups the amusement factor.

Maureen Evans

"The horror genre is historical for excluding the African-American element." Not anymore, girl.

Maureen (and Phil's) death was a great and memorable way to open up "Scream 2," instantly differentiating itself from its predecessor and throwing us right in to the meta fun that was this solid horror sequel -- if watching someone die in a room full of clueless, cheering people can be called "fun."

Tatum Riley

Oh Tatum -- how badly I want you to live every single time I watch this! But you were too hot to stay alive in this world, so through the doggie door (or "cat flap") you must go. Your death was memorable not only because of your character's importance to Sidney, but for its uniqueness amidst all of those stabbings.

Casey Becker

Casey's death, the most iconic of the "Scream" franchise, made waves for a reason. It was a drawn out cat and mouse game with a heartbreaking ending -- her parents were mere moments away from saving her life when she was gutted like a fish -- and the fact that Casey was played by Drew Barrymore, the only true A-list actor on the "Scream" poster at the time, was a great unexpected twist from Kevin Williamson.

"Scream" premieres on MTV on June 30!

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