'Jersey Shore' 'Irony': Angelina Made JWOWW's Divorce Party All About...Angelina

In the words of Vinny, 'Who does this?'

Leave it to Angelina to turn JWOWW's divorce party into her own reason to celebrate.

Tonight's episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation saw Snooki honoring Jenni with a big ol' bash at a  drag bar in the hopes her bestie would forget the "Roger drama" once and for all.

"It's like a bachelorette but a bachelorette for being divorced. I want Jenni to celebrate being free from all that sh*t," Snooki said.

While Nicole was neck-deep in party planning, Angelina sought some advice from Ronnie. The conundrum? Whether or not to ask JWOWW to be a bridesmaid in her wedding to Chris.

"My relationship with Jenni is up and down like a roller coaster," she said.

That's when Angelina opted to use the "divorce party" to further her own agenda. Following Jenni's lap dance, the Staten Island native took the stage. Cue Deena: "Like, what is she doing?"


"I'm having my wedding soon, and my girls are here. I'm officially asking these b*tches to be my bridesmaids!" declared the "dirty little hamster."

Hugs all around, as the girls graciously accepted. But it was Ronnie who called it: "Talk about irony. We're at a divorce party, and then you have Angelina asking Jenni, who just got divorced, to be a part of her wedding."

And just when you thought it couldn't get any weirder, the bride-to-be turned her attention to Jenni and shouted, "Happy divorce, b*tch! This girl deserves it more than anybody. F*ck guys! F*ck marriage."

In the words of Vinny, "Who does this? Only Angelina." Catch the Jersey Shore divorce party aftermath next Thursday at 8/7c.

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