Kendrick Lamar Got Me To Run 3 Miles Across L.A. Last Night

I got pumped.

I'm not a runner. It makes my knees hurt -- or at least that's what I tell myself, so the only time you'll catch me sprinting is in and out of the subway station, on my way to work, in the morning.

So when I got the call that explained that I'd be running across Sunset Boulevard, in Los Angeles, behind Kendrick Lamar while he performed a full set on a truck on Tuesday night (Mar. 24), I was pretty apprehensive. They wanted me to do what?


Here's how it went down:

We Got Outfitted And Warmed Up

Reebok sponsored the event, so naturally all of the runners were outfitted in their new ZPump running sneakers, and after gathering at the Reebok Lounge on Melrose place, (above), we headed outside for a warm-up session before taking off. It was insanely windy and I was nervous.

I Still Wasn't Going To Run

Up until the moment Kendrick's truck was in motion, myself and a few of the other ladies I met before the run, were pretty sure that we'd be walk-jogging at best, but I was wrong. Once Kendrick began performing "Money Trees" it was on. (And capturing selfie videos while running is pretty difficult).

Then Kendrick Performed An Amazing Set

Over the course of the 3-mile, 5K run -- we're calling it #5Kendrick -- K. Dot hit songs from both good kid, m.A.A.d city and Section.80 (including "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe," "Backseat Freestyle" and "A.D.H.D."). Onlookers got in on the action too, joining the runners for short periods of time, but by far the best sighting was Yelawolf. About 15 minutes into the run, he emerged from a bar on Sunset to take in the scene and Kendrick spotted him, even giving him a quick shout out.

So I Ran Until The Very End


Kendrick Lamar

The last 10 minutes of the run were the most intense, when the truck sped up to make it back to our starting point before the run turned into a complete mob scene. My lungs were hurting, and of course, my knees too -- just kidding, they were actually fine because I was having too much fun screaming Kendrick songs and trying to breathe -- and K. Dot wanted to keep going until he got shut down.

He Definitely Thought It Was A Cool Experience Too

"It feels good to see the kids that's been rocking out with me since day one--since the O.D. days and Section.80 bringing that whole energy back on Sunset [Boulevard] in LA. It was a great feeling," he told MTV News after performing. "I thought it was unique of Reebok to even bring dope ideas [like that] to pull off. But that's just how it works, from my music to everything I do on the business sides, it's gotta be something thats a little bit unique."

And Now He Might Consider A Kendrick Lamar Workout Class

I told Kendrick that he did a pretty good job motivating otherwise lazy humans like myself to run, and asked if he'd consider hosting a workout class in the future. He didn't rule it out completely, suggesting, "Kanye's Workout Plan 2015 the Kendrick version." Sign me up, please.