Prodigy Says Mobb Deep's Rick Ross Collabo Is Already Done

'It's in the stash right now,' P tells MTV News at Summer Jam.

Mobb Deep's Prodigy may only be three months out of jail, but the Queens MC is wasting no time in the studio. After already releasing a free online mixtape (The Bump Elsworth EP), P and his partner Havoc are hard at work on Mobb Deep's eighth studio album. While few details about the LP are confirmed, the H.N.I.C. tells MTV News that they can most likely expect a Rick Ross collaboration, which is already recorded.

"We did a joint with Ross. It's in the stash right now. It'll probably be for the Mobb album. It's kinda crazy too," Prodigy said backstage at Hot 97's Summer Jam concert on Sunday. Ross talked about the collaboration and how it came about during his "RapFix Live" visit May 25. Despite Prodigy's affiliation to Ross' nemesis 50 Cent, who previously signed Mobb Deep to a G-Unit deal, the two artists were able to work out any perceived differences.

"I respect him, most definitely, as being a boss, making your own decisions," Ross told Sway. "When he was released, he gave me a call a few days after that. We spoke on the phone maybe once or twice. It was a genuine conversation, us touching base, making sure it is what it is. We most definitely put a record or two on the table. Just to be frank, I was always a fan of the homey, H.N.I.C. I always respected when I saw that. The B.G. collaboration he did with the South, that was big for me. So I was always a fan of the homey and when he made this move in a way, so you had to respect it. So look for a Rozay and Prodigy record in the future."

It still may be awhile before fans hear the record, however. "We're looking forward to maybe, like, September. End of August, September -- we're shooting for around that time," Prodigy said of Mobb Deep's upcoming release date. "We know they need that new music out there, something for the streets. We gotta feed the streets. It's a lot of different things happening in hip-hop. That's a good thing. You got different types of sounds, but you know we gotta keep what makes us going. We gotta keep our sound alive, that dark hip-hop. We're gonna keep that alive."

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