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Eve 6 Prepares Its "Horrorscope"

Eve 6, whose self-titled 1998 debut went platinum with the help of the hit single "Inside Out," is ready to release its second LP.

The album, titled "Horrorscope," should be in stores in early July and preceded by the first single, "Promise," which is expected to hit radio in late May, according to drummer Tony Fagenson. The band is currently working on a combination live-action and computer animation video for the track.

The group is also lining up some live dates in May with more to follow in June and July. The shows confirmed to date include a May 16 warm-up close to home in Santa Barbara, California, and another one May 18 at the Key Club in Los Angeles, followed by performances May 20 at the Q101 Jamboree in Chicago, May 27 at the Boston River Rave, May 28 at the WHFStival in Washington, D.C., and at Pittsburgh's X-Fest May 29.

The new, official Eve 6 Web site is up and running at,

according to Fagenson.