Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' Finally Reveals His Iconic Costume: See The Pic

Cosplayers, start your engines.

Update: Entertainment Weekly just released even more images, and yeah, from the looks of it "Doctor Strange" is sure gonna be a mind-bendy nonsense movie -- in the best way possible, of course.

Entertainment Weekly


Other pictures from the issue include a few more portraits where you can get a better look at Strange's trademark grey sideburns, as well as concept art of his Sanctum Sanctorum, and of the accident that becomes his superhero origin (in the comics, Strange turned to magic only after the nerves in his hands are damaged, ruining his career as a surgeon). You can see all of them at EW.

Original story below:

Now that Marvel is fully underway filming its next big Phase 3 movie, "Doctor Strange," we've seen many on-set photos of Benedict Cumberbatch tromping around Nepal in a long raincoat and a majestic beard -- but we still haven't seen him "suit up" and put on his trademark outfit from the comics, so to speak.

Until now!

This week, Doctor Strange finally appears in his iconic robe on the cover of the latest Entertainment Weekly issue, and he looks -- well, pretty much exactly as you'd expect him to look if you've ever seen a picture of Doctor Strange in your life. Perfect costuming is perfect.

Michael Muller/Marvel/Entertainment Weekly


But even more interesting than his iconic white sideburns and upturned cape collar is the mystical rune he's conjuring in mid-air on the cover:

We've been promised a pretty psychedelic mind-trip of a movie from director Scott Derrickson, after all, and it's nice to see out very first glimpse of the magic that's to come.

And that's not all! According to EW, later this week Marvel will also officially reveal the roles that Rachel McAdams and Mads Mikkelsen will be playing in the film as well. Fingers crossed for "Doctor Strange's assistant Clea" and "terrible ancient demon from a mystical nether realm," respectively.

"Doctor Strange" hits theaters November 4, 2016.