ZombiU Lets You Kill Your Friends And Loot Their Gear

ZombiU has shaped up to be one of the most anticipated third-party titles launching with Nintendo's Wii U and the game's lead writer and story designer, Gabrielle Shrager, recently dropped some interesting info regarding online interactions. Apparently, we'll be able to loot our friends' rotting corpse after they become infected.

In a recent interview with KonsoliFIN, Shrager was asked about ZombiU's Miiverse integration. While it appears that ZombiU won't have a direct link to Miiverse, there are some pretty fun online features packed in the upcoming survival-horror game:

“Our online app offers a ton of sweet features for you and your Nintendo friends to feel a little less alone in the merciless world of ZombiU (although it is not directly linked to the Miiverse)” Shrager told KonsoliFIN. “When playing online, players will receive alerts onscreen in real-time that tell you when your friends’ survivors have been Infected and where they are likely to be roaming if you want to go and mercy-kill them and loot their gear. Plus you can follow stats about your own former Infected survivor characters, like how many of your friends have encounter, killed or been Infected by them. Also, you’ll find leaderboards to compare your Survivors’ Scores against your friends and see who the most successful survivors are.”

Sounds pretty cool, right? Just imagine waltzing through London only to find one of your friends all zombified, then smashing their brains in and taking all of their stuff. I have a feeling it's going to be a lot of fun and the survivor leaderboards will add a nice touch, giving us a great way to brag (or be ashamed) via Miiverse.

[Wii U Daily via KonsoliFIN]

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