Explore Justin Bieber's Tattoos In This Interactive Tat Map

And he winks at you!

Justin Bieber lost his tattoo virginity just after his 16th birthday in 2010, getting a tiny seagull on his hip. Since then, the pop star has been busy covering his bad-boy bod with a plethora of over 30 tats.

From a religious cross to his mom's eye, the 20-year old's ink represents all sorts of interests and people. On his right arm you'll find a Banksy Balloon Girl-inspired tat, showing his love for graffiti. On his chest, roman numerals of his mama's birth year and her ever watchful eye on his arm.

View our 'Justin Bieber Tat Map' here!

Bieber has had ink sessions with notable artists including Bang Bang (at 40,000 feet above ground!) and Seunghyun Jo, resulting in various styles and designs-so even if you aren't a Belieber, his unique tats are worth a look.

Check out all the Biebs' ink and their meanings with our handy Justin Bieber Tat Map (yes, he is shirtless):

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