'Sleepy Hollow': The 7 Best Ichabbie Moments From The Season 2 Premiere

That time they hugged, that time they hugged AGAIN, and five more ship-worthy moments from the premiere.

The season two premiere of "Sleepy Hollow" will surely go down in history as the premiere which launched a thousand ships. For Ichabbie shippers, "Hellfire" was an embarrassment of riches, a well that diehards will be able to draw from when Katrina and Ichabod eventually reunite, and when new character Nick Hawley comes to town and gets all up in Abbie's business.

Until that time comes when our lovebirds' connection is tested, let's revisit all those Ichabbie moments from the premiere and hoard them like a squirrel does nuts for the long season ahead.

1. Abbie celebrates Ichabod's 251st birthday:

OK, so it was in a strange alternate universe constructed by Moloch when Abbie threw Ichabod a surprise party for his 251st birthday. Fine. But look at her beautiful face! Look at his charmed face! He's bemused by tiny candles atop tiny cakes! It's too much.

2. Ichabod's impassioned promise:

After they were pulled out of their weird sideways-verse -- Abbie back into Purgatory and Ichabod back into his pine box in the ground -- Ichabod delivered this impassioned promise to his lady love. (Ichabod, do you remember Katrina? Red hair, captured by the Horseman of Death, your wife?)

3. Ichabod records one last message not for his wife, but for Abbie:

Back in his box, Ichabod recorded a message for his dear, dear friend. "If I do not survive, I want you to know, Leftenant, that I never stopped fighting." Of course, his phone's memory was full so the message didn't end up saving. However, how was his mind not on his captured wife whatsoever?! Katrina -- I'm so sorry, girl, and I wish you all the best in your future, Ichabod-less endeavors.

Even though you keep forgetting that you're a witch.

4. This epic hug, though:

Need we say more? This was the hug to end all hugs. Were the two even separated for longer than 24 hours when Abbie summoned Ichabod to purgatory to deliver a message? Those crazy kids. Any excuse to get their hands on each other.

5. Handholding!

So, the handholding was from the same scene as the hug, but how could it not deserve its own separate entry? Y'all, I'm sorry, but either I'm doing friends wrong (who touches their friends this often and this intimately?!) or these two have feelings. He just can't let her go!

6. THIS hug, though:

Are we going to have to enforce Catholic middle school dance rules on these two? Leave room for the Holy Spirit! (Just kidding, don't ever!)

7. These faces:

The adorable faces that two snarky people in love make at each other when they're researching how to stop a demon army from rising out of purgatory, obviously.

BONUS ROUND: Let's not forget season one!

Sure, Ichabod may be married, but a ring don't mean a thing when you're forging battle-tested connections with beautiful, headstrong women named Abbie to whom you've been fated to meet. Also, who ships a married couple? Bo-ring. (Unless that couple is like, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris. Or Chris Pratt and me.)

It's FATE!

Hugs! Everywhere hugs!

Ichabod Crane, sweet talker:

Well, that's about as much as our shipper hearts can take. What did you think of the premiere? What were your favorite Ichabbie moments from season one? Comment below and let us know!

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