'Real World' Alum Davis Mallory Honors Diem Brown With A Song

His self-penned -- and very touching -- tribute is called 'Beautiful Girls.'

Throughout all of the hurdles and hardships she endured, Diem Brown did her best to keep an optimistic outlook on life, turning to the soothing comforts of dance and music during the darkest of hours.

And, now, she has a song dedicated to her memory.

In honor of his late friend and fellow MTV cast mate, "Real World: Denver" alum Davis Mallory penned a touching tribute called "Beautiful Girls (Diem's Song)."

The strumming ballad highlights Diem's radiant personality and endless dreams, as well as her love of grooving to the beat ("You should be spinning on the dance floor, whipping your hair") and the legacy she was determined to leave behind ("You should be lighting the world up 'cuz it's in your hands").

"Beautiful girls ain't supposed to die young, they were born to fly, they were meant to run. It's not the way it's supposed to be, taking someone like you away from me," Davis croons in the chorus.

Years ago, Davis and Diem formed a lifelong friendship as part of "The Duel 2" cast -- immediately bonding over their new-found TV stardom and mutual Southern roots (they both hail from Georgia).

"Her passing really hit me hard (as I am sure it did many of us)," the singer-songwriter shared on his Facebook page about the inspiration behind the tune. "I'd like this song to be for Diem what 'Candle in the Wind' was for Princess Diana. (Wishful thinking)"

As Diem's loved ones continue to grieve her passing, Davis' heartfelt commemoration struck a chord with some of his "Real World" family:

To purchase the song, visit (all proceeds go toward MedGift). And be sure to watch the special "We <3 Diem," premiering tonight at 9/8c.