'Young And Pregnant' Poll: Is This Really The End For Kayla And Stephan?

She ended their relationship after catching him with another girl…again

It’s been a vicious cycle for Kayla and Stephan on Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant. Despite his cheating ways, she’s always taken him back thinking each time would finally be different. But unfortunately, the mom-to-be is learning Stephan hasn’t changed one bit even though he’s about to become a father. And during tonight’s episode, the serial cheater dodged his pregnant girlfriend’s calls (after going baby shopping with her, no less) and later told his pals he didn’t want to be with her anymore.

“We’re different from what we used to be,” he said. "I love her, but I’m 19 and I just want to have fun, you know? I want to work, get money and have fun.”

And once Kayla found out her on-again-off-again beau of four years was still seeing the girl he cheated on her with -- she even showed up to a party to see for herself! -- she told him they were over for good.

“I [had told him], ‘If I find out you are seeing anybody, me and you are going to be done,’” she told a friend the next day as Stephan came to pick up his things. “I made it pretty clear. I said it like a hundred times… if I wasn’t pregnant, this [breakup] would be a lot easier.”

She continued: “Why make me think we’re going to work things out and get back together if that’s not even what you want?”

But is this really the end for these two? Or will Kayla forgive Stephan’s indiscretions for the umpteenth time and try to work it out for the sake of their son? Vote in the poll below, and keep watching Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Mondays at 10/9c.