Game Over: Disney Has Pulled The Plug On ‘Tron 3’

It's game over for "Tron 3" -- Disney has decided not to move forward with the "Tron: Legacy" sequel.

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'I would definitely consider going back,' Joseph Kosinski says of possible third film.

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Joseph Kosinski tells MTV News, 'There's some stuff in this film that people maybe aren't expecting.'

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'They weren't shooting for a Daft Punk record. They wanted to create a full-bodied, timeless score,' film's music supervisor Jason Bentley says.

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Will Ferrell, Tom Cruise and Joe Jonas were among the celebrities who turned up at the Hollywood gala for the sci-fi sequel.

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'It's great to be able to play a character in a story at any age you want now,' veteran actor says about revisiting his 1982 role.

'Tron Legacy' Delivers 'Immersive' 3-D, Producer Says

'The franchise can continue as long as there's an audience for it and there are stories to tell,' Justin Springer says.

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Long before the second 'Tron' flick's December release, Disney is eyeing its third.

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The first peek at Disney's 3-D sequel starring Garrett Hedlund delivers the frenetic techno-punk energy fans expect.

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'I kind of want to wait until the effects are in,' she says of watching an early version of the film.