'Amazing Spider-Man': Behind The Lizard

Perfecting Doctor Curt Connors' reptilian alter ego all came down to Rhys Ifans' humanity, 'Spider-Man' visual effects supervisor tells MTV News.

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'The original trilogy was great, but this had as much heart as all three movies put together,' one moviegoer tells MTV News.

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Analysts predict Andrew Garfield's reboot will dominate theaters until 'The Dark Knight Rises' on July 20.

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Stone talks to MTV News about how she brought Gwen's 'classic' look from the comic book page to the big screen.

Andrew Garfield Channeled Bruce Lee For 'Spider-Man' Stunts

'Andrew did such a superb job. He did a tremendous amount of work,' stunt coordinator tells MTV News of Garfield's work in the 'Amazing' reboot.

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Andrew Garfield Emulated Spiders' 'Patience And Stillness' For 'Spider-Man' Role

'I just watched spiders whenever I saw them,' British actor tells MTV News at the 'Amazing Spider-Man' premiere in Los Angeles.

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'That is so shocking and horrifying and kind of beautiful in some way,' actress tells MTV News of her character's tragic end in the comics.

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'Spider-Man' Suit Posed Some Challenges For Andrew Garfield

'They didn't really consider the whole bodily-functions thing,' actor tells MTV News.

'Spider-Man' Stars Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield Find 'Joy' In Each Other

'I was so happy that she got the role,' Garfield tells MTV News of Stone's casting.

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