How Marvel Can Battle Batman/Superman

With the 'Man of Steel' sequel now set for a 2016 release, the stage is set for a head-to-head showdown with Marvel Studios.

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Chris Terrio will reunite with Ben Affleck, as the 'Argo' writer has been hired to write a draft of Zack Snyder's 'Man of Steel' sequel.

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'Man Of Steel' Star: Sequel Is 'Going To Happen'!

At Comic-Con, Harry Lennix tells MTV that the superhero is headed back to the big screen, while Superman himself hedges his bet.

'Man Of Steel' Crushes Box Office With Largest June Opening Ever

Superman collects $113 million over the weekend, making it the fourth largest non-sequel opening in history.

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'Man Of Steel' Writer Talks Batman, 'Justice League' Movie

'If I were offered it, I wouldn't say no,' David S. Goyer says about potential crossover film.

Will Superman, Batman Team Up Onscreen?

'Man of Steel' producer Charles Roven talks about the connection between the 'Dark Knight' trilogy and Superman.

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Kevin Costner opens up to MTV News about creating Jonathan Kent.

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'MTV First: Man Of Steel' brings the stars and director of the highly anticipated Superman film together for an exclusive half-hour interview.

'Man Of Steel' Makes Superman Relatable, Zack Snyder Says

'I always felt in the past Superman has been this unrelatable character,' director tells MTV News.

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General Zod thought the reboot might look like a Monty Python sketch, but the finished product changed his mind.

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