Johnny Depp Tells Us All About His Silly 'Mortdecai' Mustache

Johnny Depp and Paul Bettany recall Depp's hilarious fake mustache in "Mortdecai."

Johnny Depp's Mustache Is Causing Problems In The Bedroom

When it comes to Johnny Depp's mustache in 'Mortdecai,' Gwyneth Paltrow is definitely not a fan. Particularly when there's kissing involved.

Our Favorite Flavor Of Johnny Depp Is Back In The 'Mortdecai' Trailer

Who the hell is this Mortdecai fella, eh? Is he a criminal? An aristocrat? An investigator? A total nincompoop? Though the trailer gave us very little information beyond most assuredly confirming the latter, Johnny Depp's latest bit of cinematic tomfoolery has colored us intrigued.