'MTV Floribama Shore' Sneak Peek: Gus Thinks 'The Chemistry Is Still There' With Nilsa

Little does he know...

Nilsa has a new Gus 2.0 in her life. But MTV Floribama Shore Gus has some thoughts about Nilly's relationship and how it may impact their time in Florida Montana.

"She is moving back into the house with me, and we do have that history there," he states in the sneak peek of the premiere episode, above. And even though Gus states he's "cool" with Nilly's beau, he feels "the chemistry is still there" with the other half of Gilsa.

"Once we start drinking, you never know what the f*ck's going to happen," he adds.

Except we know that Nilsa is pregnant -- but Gus doesn't yet...

What happens when Gus asks Nilsa about her boyfriend, and how does he react when she mentions possible wedding plans? Watch the video, and do not miss the season premiere of MTV Floribama Shore on Thursday at 9/8c!