The 'Diary of a Teenage Girl' Trailer Is All Sexual Awakening And Alexander Skarsgård's Mustache

The first trailer for this year's big Sundance hit has landed.

The first trailer for the Sundance breakout hit, "Diary of a Teenage Girl," dropped today on Yahoo!, building yet more buzz for the acclaimed coming-of-age film and confirming that nothing, not even a sleazy 1970s 'stache, can put a damper on Alexander Skarsgård's sex appeal.

The movie follows 15 year-old Minnie (Bel Powley) through her sexual awakening, a process which she records for posterity on a series of audio tapes.

Also seen in the trailer: Kristen Wiig as Charlotte, Minnie's mother, and Skarsgård as Monroe, Charlotte's boyfriend and the ultimate object of Minnie's burgeoning desire.

"Diary of a Teenage" girl has already earned praise for its candid portrayal of teen sexuality and Powley's breakout performance, as well as its unique visual landscape (seen here as Minnie flaps over her bed on an abundantly feathered pair of animated wings.) The movie opens in limited release August 7.

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