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Katy Perry Dreams of Being a Replicant in 'Blade Runner 2'

Believe it or not, Katy Perry is a total sci-fi chick.

During our interview with the pop star for her upcoming movie, "Katy Perry: Part of Me," we asked her what would be a fantasy gig were she to dip her toes into deeper acting waters. She surprised (and impressed) us with a dream role that doesn't involve donning a furry costume or gracing a certain bathing suit and tall boots. In fact, her pick would be a bit more, well, robotic.

"I guess, if there was going to be a 'Blade Runner 2,' that I would maybe want to be Rachael," she told us exclusively. "But I know that is saying too much. But that's a dream, and I have lots of 'em."

For those who haven't seen the 1982, Ridley Scott-directed classic, Sean Young played the original Rachael, a replicant (or genetically engineered organic robot) who believes herself to be human. Harrison Ford famously starred as retired police officer Rick Deckard.

Alcon Entertainment has the rights to make "Blade Runner" sequels and prequels and Scott is reportedly keen to make a second film. No word yet from Ford or Young on reprising their roles, so maybe Miss Perry is onto something.

What do you think? Could you see the "Wide Awake" singer going sci-fi? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

—Reporting by Joanna Varikos