Santigold Wears Stripes And Florals For New 'Disparate Youth' Video

A still from Santigold's new "Disparate Youth" video.

Photo: Courtesy of Downtown/Atlantic Records

We've been waiting quite some time for Santigold to put out another album since the 2008 hit Santogold. (Sidenote: Remember how awesome that cover was with the gray background, white tank top, and gold glitter mouth bubble? #Love) Santigold frontwoman/singer Santi White has been make more appearances recently, though, namely on the front row at NY Fashion Week and in a T By Alexander Wang fall campaign video. And even though the Santigold follow-up album, Master of My Make-Believe, isn't due to drop until May 1, we have a BRAND-NEW VIDEO to tide us over until then. Did you say floral on lace on floral print mixing with mega stripes and a jaunty fisherman's cap? Why yes we did.

We have the distinct feeling Santi's new album is going to have a more overt fashion-y presence as T magazine just revealed the album's cover art, which features Ms. White in three different photographic forms, namely as two Bond-esque girls wearing gold Alexander Wang bodysuits, an army officer in gold-shouldered jacket and white riding pants, as well as a Mafioso "Don" in a three-piece suit complete with banker haircut. We thought her first video for the song "Disparate Youth" would follow a similar style theme, but instead we follow White on a motorcycle as she speeds by an ocean and then later into a jungle wearing a black and white striped midriff tank top, black floral pants, lace socks, major floral bootie heels, and a fisherman's cap complete with delicately draped netting.

There are also MEGA ACCESSORIES in the form of a giant link gold bracelet, oversize ring, and long dangling earrings. She wears this getup into the wilderness like it's NBD too. There's a distinct Duran Duran "Hungry Like the Wolf" vibe that we bow down to with face-painted boys and time spent luxuriating on a boat. Did we mention that Santi co-directed and produced this video? *hand claps* And that the song is FANTASTIC? Rather than explaining the begeeez out of it, why don't you just take a look below instead?


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