It's Been So Long Since Ariana Grande's Hair Looked Like This

What's the image in your mind when you think of Ariana Grande? A tiny doe-eyed girl with a propensity for retro-leaning clothes in white, black, and pastels? A giant mane of honey blonde waves, proooobably done up in a half-up-half-down style? Maybe she's being carried? Well, prepare to have your brain reoriented—at least regarding that hair.

Ari posted a bedtime selfie to Instagram last night, and while shots of the "Love Me Harder" singer snuggling up for her beauty sleep are no new thing, the hue of her 'do sure is. "[B]ack to dark brown btw," she adds in parentheses in the photo's caption. Oh, sure. Just say it off-hand like that when you know we're hanging on your every. hair-related. move!

The darker look is a fresh change for Ari (and v season-appropriate BTW), and while we've grown to love that #iconic Ariana pony, it's been a minute (OK, like, a YEAR, right???) since we've seen her wear this color and are totally down for her new ~lewk~.

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