Drake Knew Future's Comments About His Album Were 'Taken Out Of Context'

Future tells MTV News that he and the Toronto rapper didn't let words get between them.

Everything's all good between Future and Drake. And it always has been. There were rumors that things had gone sour between the two rappers when Future made some unflattering comments about Nothing Was the Same, but the Atlanta native tells MTV News that Drizzy never broke a sweat over that.

In October Billboard published an interview with Future, which quoted him as saying, "Drake made an album that is full of hits but it doesn't grab you. They're not possessive; they don't make you feel the way I do. I want to make you want to fall in love."

Shortly afterwards it was rumored that Future was kicked off Drake's Would You Like A Tour? jaunt, but apparently there was no truth to that.

"The first day on tour [Drake] came into the dressing room and he was like man, 'I know everything was taken out of context," Future explained to MTV News' Sway Calloway. "[He said], 'You don't even have to explain, we don't even have to talk about it. Let's just get the tour done bro. We don't need to go back and forth over it.'

"They took it out of context and we moved on from it," Future added, noting that his positive comments about Drake were omitted from the story. "It's just that simple. I can't just justify why would somebody wanna do that when they're [getting] a great story."

Drake appears on the track "Never Satisfied" on Future's new album Honest. The song clocks in at under two minutes, which was unexpected, but the Atlanta rapper calls it "one of the greatest interludes of all time."

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