Whitney Houston Surprises Crowd At Gay-Lesbian Pride Event

Whitney Houston flew in for a special surprise guest appearance at the 13th Annual New York City Lesbian and Gay Pride Dance, which took place Sunday night on Manhattan's west side.

Dressed in bejeweled trousers and a dark, sheer top, Whitney appeared onstage toward the end of the evening and performed her two most recent hits, "It's Not Right, But It's Okay" and "Heartbreak Hotel," which had the crowd of 7000 singing along.

MTV News' John Norris caught up with Houston when she arrived at the gig (fresh off a flight from Detroit) and asked why she decided to take time out from her tour to support the gay and lesbian community.

[article id="1445711"]"They asked me to come by and sing a few songs, and I said, 'Okay,'" [RealVideo][/article] Houston explained.

The event, officially known as "Dance 13: The Last Dance of the Century," wrapped up the city's Lesbian and Gay

Pride Week.

After wowing the crowd, it's back to the road for Whitney. She'll be playing Toronto on Tuesday night before returning to New York for two dates at the Theater at Madison Square Garden.

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