Here's The Lego 'Jurassic World' Remake You've Been Waiting For

Stop motion wizards bring plastic dinos to life.

If you left the movie theater at the end of “Jurassic World” thinking it needed to be just a little bit blockier, you’re not alone. An animation studio recently took up the challenge of recreating the summer blockbuster in 90 seconds -- using only Lego pieces.

Brotherhood Workshop has been parodying popular sci-fi and fantasy films using Lego for two years now, and its latest video is especially on the mark. “Jurassic World in 90 Seconds” hits all the beats of the original movie with some wonderfully pithy lines. “Why are pterodactyls so evil?” screams one mini-fig as the flying lizards attack from the skies. And Lego Chris Pratt is surprisingly true to life, especially when he’s herding raptors.

Watch the minute-and-a-half remake of the dino saga below.

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