Killer Mike And Bernie Sanders Explain Why Donald Trump Is 'Scary' For America

Mike also compares Sanders to Jesus.

Killer Mike and presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders sat down for a conversation at the Run The Jewels MC's barbershop recently. The talk, which is broken down in six parts, was released today and it goes over everything from Donald Trump being scary for America to free healthcare being available to everybody.

Their conversation also gave Mike a chance to fully endorse Sanders for President. "You have been the only candidate that I have seen able to connect people who were once disconnected in this way," he said.

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Killer Mike Bernie Sanders

Meanwhile, Sanders got the chance to talk about his views on politics. He explained democratic socialism, a rigged economy and why free health care shouldn't be seen as such a radical idea. Check out the six-part interview below with a brief breakdown of what was discussed in each section.

Part One: Economic Freedom

Killer Mike and Bernie Sanders broke down democratic socialism in the first part of the convo. “What I am talking about when I’m talking about Democratic socialism is to make sure that in the richest country in the history of the world, which is what we have right now, that everybody at least has a minimal standard of living and some dignity as a result of that,” Sanders said.

“You have a right, regardless of your income, to health care. I believe that…you have a right to have an education. I think, in the year 2015, you have a right to free tuition at public colleges and university, if you have the ability. I think you have a right to have a decent job that pays you a living wage. We have to raise the minimum wage. We need pay equity for women workers.”

Part Two: Being Different

The second part of this talk focused some on Bernie Sanders’ difference as a politician. “I am different,” he said, after Killer Mike called him that. “I never got into politics. A lot of people get into politics and they say, ‘Okay, I’m 24 now. Where will I be when I’m 30? Maybe by the time I’m 54, I can run for president of the United States.’ They have it all calculated.”

But this part also dealt with social justice. “What you’ve got on top is incredible greed,” Sanders said. “I don’t think it’s pervasive. I don’t think everybody in America is like that, but that’s the culture of the people on top. Greed is their mantra. It’s what they believe and we’ve gotta change that.”

Part Three: A Rigged Economy

Part three really focused on the economy. “What you’ve got now is an economy that’s largely rigged in the sense that almost all of the new wealth and income is going to the top one percent and you’ve got an incredible unequal distribution of wealth,” Sanders explained. “The reality is, the folks who have the money, they’re not putting that money under their mattress. They want political power."

"Billionaires can now buy elections," he added, opening up about the Koch brothers, too, as he has in the past. "It's an extreme right wing billionaire family," he said. "They and a few of their friends are gonna spend $900 million on this campaign. That is more money than the Democrats and more money than the Republicans. Does that sound like democracy?"

Part Four: Healthcare And Prison

Is Bernie Sanders radical? Part four helped him address these claims. "People think that some of the ideas that I advocate are radical ideas," he said. "They are not radical ideas...In Canada, everybody has health care as a right. It ain't a big deal. They've had it for, I don't know, 50 years or so. It's not a big deal. Go to U.K. Everybody has health care. Go to Scandinavia, Germany, France...Everybody has health care. Why are we the only major country that doesn't have healthcare for all of our people? It's not a radical idea."

"What is happening to the young male and female African American community is a tragedy almost beyond words. We are talking about, roughly speaking, one out of four male black babies that are born today, if we do not change it, will end up in jail. Can you imagine that? You are talking about a higher percentage of blacks in jail in America today than was the case under Apartheid in South Africa. Can you believe that? We are talking about hundreds of thousands or even millions of Black men who no longer have the right to vote because they were felons."

"Do you change that?" Mike asked. "Oh yeah," Sanders replied. "We change that."

Part Five: Voting

During this portion of the clip, Mike and Sanders talked about the importance of voting. "It strikes me that if you don’t participate in the political process, you’re really crapping on people who gave their lives to defend this country, World War II and elsewhere," Sanders said. "Obviously, this country faces enormous problems. Obviously, the political system is decked on behalf of the wealthy, but that doesn’t mean you walk away from it. It means you engage and fight back."

Donald Trump also came up here. "What’s scary about Trump is that you have a lot of people out there who feel certain ways," Sanders said. "Then you see somebody running for president saying these things and you go, ‘Oh, Trump said that. I can say that! I can beat up the Muslim in my community. I can be a racist on a college campus now because that’s the climate.’ So, you’re right. It is scary."

Part Six: Democrats And Republicans

The final portion of the interview continued the voting conversation. "Democrats win when people vote," Sanders said. "Republicans win, like they did last year, when nobody votes. Obama in 2008 ran a brilliant campaign. Not only did he win. He brought in a lot of people with him...We have brought out hundreds of thousands of people all over this country. We have more individual contributors than any candidate in American history. More than Obama at this particular point in the election. So, we are generating excitement and the only way Democrats win is when young people and working class people start coming out and voting. I think we can do that."

The convo also switched to religion a bit as Mike shared his perspective on Sanders. "I hope the Black church kind of gets with your campaign," Mike said. "I hope they see that the things you're talking abut are the things that the Biblical Jesus talked about...It's the truth of it."

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