Harry Styles' Influence On The Rest Of One Direction's Style Is Undeniable


If you've ever spent a lot of time with one person, you know that the chance of rubbing off on one another—whether that means mannerisms, sayings, musical taste, or style—is very high. As you can imagine, then, if you're in one of the most famous bands in the world, it's pretty inevitable that you'll start mimicking one another—deliberately or not. In One Direction, it seems that Harry, as an award-winning style icon, has had unparalleled influence on the other members' outfit choices.

Shirts so deeply unbuttoned they're basically open

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One Direction

The similar style was extremely apparent this weekend at Capital FM Summertime Ball, when Liam and Niall rolled up in deeply unbuttoned shirts. Unlike Harry, though, their chest hair was quite out there. Also, Liam's hat... Look familiar?

Harry Styles

Boom. He took a page straight from the Harry Styles lookbook.

Casually draped patterned scarves

One Direction

At the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, Liam had a polka dot scarf thrown on over a white tee and under his blazer.

Another fan of a good ol' patterned scarf? Harry, who previously wore a very similar one to Louis' mother's wedding in 2014.

Ripped black jeans

Columbia Records

One Direction

On the cover of the single for "Story Of My Life," 3/5 had ripped black jeans. Guess who started the whole ripped trend?

Harry Styles

Ding, ding, ding! It was Harry! While 1D's style was a little more polished when they first ~burst onto the scene~, by 2013, Harry was upping the group's edginess with ripped jeans.

Blazers in bulk

One Direction

While this picture seems like it's from another era, it's just proof that Harry has been swaying the band's style since the early days. For their second appearance on The Today Show, 3/5, including Harry, wore gray blazers. Any guess on who was the original blazer-wearer in the group?

One Direction

Hopefully this won't come as a surprise—it was Harry.

Now I'm just waiting for everyone to start wearing those confusing scarf/tie things. It'll happen—I just know it.