Rixton Team Up With Ed Sheeran For ‘Very Sad’ New Single

Get the tissues ready!

Rixton made waves in 2014, but it's beginning to look like 2015 may really be their year.

The British quartet -- Jake Roche, Lewi Morgan, Charley Bagnall and Danny Wilkin -- are set to hit the road with Ariana Grande for her Honeymoon Tour. They'll also release their debut album, Let the Road, in March. And they've just dropped a brand-new single, "Hotel Ceiling," with a co-write by none other than Ed Sheeran.

"I think it was just for us a bit of a no-brainer," Jake recently told MTV News about why those chose the track as their next single. "We wanted to show a bit more mature side to our music and obviously Ed, we co-wrote with Ed, who we are huge fans of and he's just incredible and it just made, kind of suited the whole vibe of the album, and the label told us to."

He's kidding (we think).

"Hotel Ceiling" may be a bit more of a slow-tempo song compared to their hit "Me and My Broken Heart," but the guys seem to keep heartbreak as the underlying theme.

"It is very sad. It's about this guy whose just been drinking and staring at the hotel ceiling after a lovely lady has left him; kind of taking him for a fool," Jake summed up after the rest of the guys had a hard time figuring out the song's meaning. "And there's a few subliminal or metaphorical lines in there which have turned a few heads."

The upcoming video for the song might also turn a few heads. Rixton have become known for their outlandish visuals -- they've gotten naked and been robbed by con artists -- and this time they intend to shock you as well ... but there's a catch.

"It's being shot in London and we're not in it," Jake said, before Charley added, "We wanted to make it more like a movie, a bit more like a film. There's glimpses of us in it, but we wanted to get some actors involved."

Yes, you read that right, the guys will not be starring in the video, something they call "stressful" anyway, but they trust fans are going to like it. A warning to Rixters from the band though: It's "really depressing."

"It is actually really depressing," Jake admitted. "There's a few twists and turns in there -- it's a very strong narrative. It's being shot in London, which is our first video we've shot in London, but we aren't there, but our hearts are."

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