Rihanna Swam With Very Real, Very Scary Sharks For 'Harper's Bazaar'

A true #BADGAL.

IDK what's going on right now, but sharks are everywhere. #LeftShark single-handedly took over the Super Bowl halftime show and today, Rihanna released a photo from her latest Harper's Bazaar shoot and she's, um, swimming with sharks. Like, real ones. With teeth. And eyes. And... other stuff that sharks have.

We'll just let this photo sink in for a moment. Rih is gorgeously swimming alongside a sand tiger shark all in the name of FASHION. That's dedication, y'all. Just a few hours earlier we were stoked to see our golden goddess covering the mag's March issue, and now that we've peeped the spread, we have some serious bowing down to do. Watch the behind-the-scenes video below to see photographer/diver Norman Jean Roy and Rihanna in action!

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