'Walking Dead': 7 Questions About The Hungriest 'Strangers' We've Ever Met

Why, Bob? WHY?

So, cannibalism. That's a thing that's happening.

On the latest episode of "The Walking Dead," titled "Strangers," beloved Bob's foot got caught in the mouths of some ferociously hungry hunters — the leftover Terminus survivors, as led by Gareth. It was a twisted ending for what was an otherwise relatively uplifting hour of "Walking Dead," complete with the arrival of a brand-new character.

Hours after the episode aired, here's what we're still wondering about how it all went down:

1. So, Is That It For Bob?

Not that there isn't precedent for one-legged survivors thriving in the zombie apocalypse. Yes, Hershel died, but not because of his physical handicap. If Bob returns to the group before losing any other major body parts, he could recover from his situation. But that's a big if. Gareth and his pals look pretty hungry. Don't be surprised if they're all finished eating Bob burgers by the time the next episode airs.

2. Why Was Bob Outside?

That's a fair question. Why did Bob leave the church? After the group decides to travel on to Washington, Bob steps outside and looks at Father Gabriel's church with mixed emotions on his face — joy, sorrow, you name it. He goes through the gamut. What's up with you, Bob? Why are you out and about on your own, being such a weirdo, letting yourself get captured?

3. What's Father Gabriel's Deal?

The biggest creepshow of the night is not even one of the cannibals. That distinction belongs to Father Gabriel, the preacher man who has somehow survived the apocalypse without ever once killing a walker. Rick doesn't fully trust Gabriel, and lets him know it. Should we follow Rick's lead? What's up with this self-confessed sinner?

4. Why Are People So Mad At Gabriel?

Carl finds a curious message carved into the side of Gabriel's church: "You will burn for this." Whoa. What does that mean? What did Gabriel do that was awful enough to warrant that ire? Yet another red flag against the newest member of Rick's group.

5. Was Carol About To Leave?

Daryl comes across Carol as she's powering up a car. Is she just getting it ready in case of emergency, or was Carol plotting to sneak away from the group? If she was, can you blame her? Carol was exiled not all that long ago, over what she did to Karen and David. She hasn't told anyone about Lizzie and Meeka yet. Carol has a lot of baggage. Maybe she feels best equipped to deal with that baggage by surviving on her own.

6. How Awkward Was Tara and Rick's Fist Bump?

The most awkward.

7. Who Will The Cannibals Eat Next?

If someone else winds up on Gareth's plate, who do you think it will be? Is Father Gabriel next on the menu? Will the cannibals track down Beth, only to eat her? Will they eat poor little Carl? Whoever's next on the list, it's clear that the cannibals have a big appetite; expect them to try to carve out another meal in the very near future.

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