My Chemical Romance's 'Sing' Is 'Propaganda,' Glenn Beck Says

Fox News pundit singled out the song, performed on 'Glee' in February, during his broadcast Thursday.

Having apparently run out of things to terrify your parents (and your aunt in Arizona) with, conservative radio host/Fox News pundit Glenn Beck is now turning his attention to My Chemical Romance and their song "Sing," which he describes as "propaganda."

During Thursday's broadcast of his self-titled daily Fox News show, Beck -- who in the past has vilified everyone from Barack Obama to "reform rabbis" -- launched into an attack that was, at first, about the content of the TV show "Glee" (which he admitted he watched in "stunned horror and admiring awe"), but then quickly segued into a dissection of "Sing's" lyrics, which Beck read aloud with fervent terror.

"Pay attention to the lyrics," he cautioned. "This is propaganda ... it's an anthem saying 'Join us.' How can you and I possibly win against that?"

Beck was bringing up "Sing's" lyrics (which he attributed to "Chemical Romance") because, as he warned his viewers, our children "are not tethered to anything" and parents "have to be über vigilant" about the shows they watch, since "our whole culture right now is set up for you and the values you grew up on to lose."

"You don't have to live by the standards that society has set," he said. "You know what is right."

"Sing" was performed on an episode of "Glee" back in February, and My Chemical Romance has since reissued the song to raise money for the Red Cross' ongoing [article id="1662702"]disaster relief efforts in Japan[/article], in part because, as they told MTV News last week, they noticed their fans had begun using the lyrics to send messages of hope to the nation.

"We talked about something that we could do, and at first we were thinking about writing a new song to raise money for charity," MCR guitarist Ray Toro said. "And on Twitter, something we had seen was #SINGitforjapan, and it was kids starting this Twitter feed, writing messages of hope. And that really inspired us, and we just set to work, and after a couple weeks, we were able to pull this thing together."

A spokesperson for the band did not respond to MTV News' request for comment on Beck's statements, but in a tweet Thursday, Toro wrote simply, "Mission accomplished," and included a link to Beck's segment on the song. Guitarist Frank Iero was less polite, tweeting, "Yay! F--- that dude's face with Obama's birth certificate."

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