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Three Cheers For Johnny Bananas: See The 'Challenge' Vet's Very Best Toasts

He certainly knows how to get the party started!

A competitor's main objective on "The Challenge" is to take the top prize, but there's no denying that each vibrant personality also wants to party make memories with their fellow casties -- something Johnny Bananas knows well.

On the premiere episode of "Battle of the Exes 2," the infamous vet led a rousing toast before the very first mission -- and we couldn't help but enthusiastically clap along and yell "wooh!" with our boy.

"It almost wouldn't be right without his lame-ass toast," Jemmye reflected about Johnny's colorful address.

But she's totally right: For the past few seasons, the witty five-time champ has memorably kicked off the festivities with his humorous words of encouragement. To celebrate JB's penchant for always appropriately saluting the pack, here's a look at some of his best celebratory speeches:

The "exes" warm up with some booze on "Battle of the Exes"

Shortly after the final three pairs -- Johnny/Camila, Diem/CT and Emily/Ty -- landed in the Nordic island nation, the "super Icelandic soldiers" indulged in more than a few well-deserved shots. The always-witty vet stated right off the bat that he was happy to be in the frigid temps with the "only five people in this house that I can actually still stand."

Going down this "rivals" road again on "Rivals II"

Shortly after finding out that he had been paired with the "spawn of Satan" (Frank), the "Real World: Key West" alum proudly stood on top of a kitchen counter and declared that it was time to "let the party begin." Amen.

This "agent" has a few words for his fellow "free" peeps on "Free Agents"

Before nabbing his record-breaking fifth crown, Bananas set the tone very early -- the inaugural night to be exact -- by declaring, "Let the games begin!" And did they ever...

The banana is coming back for more -- with another "ex" on "Battle of the Exes 2"

He's traveled far and wide, and through it all, he's become a "lover, a fighter and an MTV 'Challenge' survivor." HEAR, HEAR.

L'chaim to YOU, JB. Share your favorite toast in the comments below, and be sure to catch a new episode of "BOTE2" on Tuesday, at 11/10c!