Lauren Conrad's Hair Is Shorter Than Ever

Just last week, Lauren Conrad debuted a new haircut—she cut it for the first time "in years" and teased the 'do on Instagram. Well, it seems like shearing off a few inches felt so good she decided to do it again this week—and, dang, this time she took a lot off.

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While Lauren posted a photo that showed the process but not the final result, her longtime hair stylist, Kristin Ess, shared the outcome. Deep breath, you guys: you're about to see LC like you've never seen her before.

With a long bob! Her hair is above her shoulders and, LBR, it looks really good. Like, so, so good. I want to go get a haircut right now even though I got one two weeks ago. While Lauren had a short, layered 'do in 2007, this appears to be the shortest it's ever been, overall. Years without a cut and then two major ones within a week of one another—I dig your style, LC. I dig it a lot.

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At this rate, we're expecting a pixie cut next week—considering how well she's pulled off every length of hair she's ever had, there's no doubt she'd slay if she went even shorter.