7 Reasons We Refuse To Believe The Jay Z And Beyonce Break-Up Rumors

Crazy in love.

Beyoncé and Jay Z's On the Run Tour is supposed to be a celebration of music's most powerful couple, and for the most part, it is -- aside from those pesky rumors that the pair are in marriage counseling and may split at the end of the tour.

There is no way of telling if the reports are actually true, but just the thought of a world without Hov and Bey in holy matrimony is enough to make us nervous. Here are seven reasons why we need Jay Z and Beyoncé together forever.

1. Their Music

From "'03 Bonnie & Clyde" to "Part II (On the Run)" the Carters rarely disappoint, save for 2006's "Hollywood"... that one we could've done without.

2. The Inspiration They Give

There's something about Beyoncé and Jay's relationship that gives us hope for our own love lives. The bad boy from Brooklyn hooks up with the southern belle and they make it against all odds.

3. They Make The Cutest Kids

Blue Ivy is the cutest thing and the world needs more cute.

4. Their Perfect Dates

Whether the lovebirds are checking out the latest indie band or skipping the Grammys to grab a slice of pizza at Lucali in Brooklyn, Jay and Beyoncé kill the notion that all dates have to be expensive and extravagant.

5. Their Red Carpet Photos

Is there any celebrity couple who light up a red carpet more than the Carters? We'll wait.

6. Their Perfect Imperfections

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Jay Z and Beyonce

Sure the Solange elevator fight cast a bit of a dark cloud over the couple, but it did show the world that they are human and bicker with their in-laws like the rest of us.

7. The PDA

Hey what's the sense of getting married if you can't slap your wife's booty during a concert or reveal erotic bedroom secrets on "Partition." If the Carters have taught us anything, it's that public displays of affection are sexy.

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