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Everyone Looked Like A Hero At The 'Ant-Man' Premiere

From ant-suit to pants suit, Paul Rudd was looking good on the 'Ant-Man' red carpet.

Summer's teensiest superhero had his big moment last night (June 29), as the stars of "Ant-Man" stepped out in Los Angeles to celebrate the movie's premiere.

Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Corey Stoll, T.I., David Dastmalchian and Michael Douglas all looked ultra-glamorous in their red-carpet getups, and representatives from lots of other Marvel franchises put in an appearance to support their fellow superhero. Check out the pics below to see whose looks got our fashion antennae a-twitching.

It all starts with our hero: Paul Rudd didn't wear the Ant-Man suit, but he wore a suit that's sort of the same color as an actual ant, which is just as good. Maybe even better.

paul rudd

Paul's onscreen bro Michael Peña brought a special guest.


A glowing, glamorous, and very pregnant Evangeline Lilly showed us how to rock a caftan.

evangeline lilly

T.I. and wife Tameka were on point and adorably huggy.

T.I. and Tamika Harris

Between indominus rexes and very small superheroes, Judy Greer is having a blockbuster summer.

judy greer

Maybe that's why Ty Simpkins, her onscreen son from "Jurassic World," popped by the premiere -- unless of course he's representing Iron Man, to whom he is (*sniffle*) connected.

ty simpkins

And what's Jeffrey Dean Morgan doing here? [Googles frantically for " 'Ant-Man'/'Watchmen' crossover rumors."]

jeffrey dean morgan

David Dastmalchian and wife Eve. He's the one in the movie, but her hair is stealing the show.

david dastmalchian

Corey Stoll and Michael Douglas. Brb, going crazy 'bout these sharp-dressed men.

corey stoll and michael douglas

Is this an impromptu "Weekend at Bernie"'s reenactment? Nope: It's Stan Lee in a sandwich with "Guardians of the Galaxy" star Michael Rooker and friend.

stan lee and michael rooker

Stan and his Ant-Man get close and say cheese.

rudd and lee

And let's end where we began, 'cause that's one handsome Ant-Man.

paul rudd