New Video: Kelly -- Of 'OMG, Shoes' -- The Prequel!

An Internet treasure like Kelly -- of "Let's get some shoes" notoriety and the reason you call your friends "betch" -- wasn't just born. She was made. And in case you were still laying awake at night, wondering where her shoe inspo came from, Kelly's new video, which is the prequel to "Shoes," will clear up that wonder for you... Or, I'll just go ahead and spoil it for you now... Kelly's "Shoes" was, um, apparently inspired by Marshalls. The store.

Kelly's (really comedian Liam Sullivan) latest video is one big marketing tool for Marshalls and their store-within-a-store, The Cube, but at least it's got Kelly in it, right? And no, those hooky vocals aren't C&C Music Factory's Martha Wash, though that'd be rad. It's actually singer Maren. And, one of the best things about Kelly's new video? It's got VAMPIRE HEATHER! (AKA, Megahn Perry).

Check out Kelly's latest work. It's no "Text Message Breakup," but it's still better than Lindsay Lohan's Fornarina commercial.

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