Fred Durst Looks Back At His Relationship With Britney Spears

Limp Bizkit frontman says of Spears, 'I always stay true to my heart and true to everything I did, and my intentions.'

[artist id="1239"]Fred Durst[/artist] is a lot of things, but he's apparently not one to hold a grudge. The outspoken artist recently made peace with guitarist Wes Borland to re-form the classic Limp Bizkit lineup, and if he has anything to say about it, [artist id="501686"]Britney Spears[/artist] could be next.

The story begins in 2003 when Spears tapped Durst to pen songs for her next album. The collaboration then allegedly turned into a [article id="1459522"]romantic fling[/article], with Durst telling fans in a statement that Spears "happens to be a person that I [wouldn't] have thought could make me feel this way."

In the resulting paparazzi firestorm that followed, the exact details of the relationship became muddled. On "TRL," Spears declared not only were they not dating, but that she barely knew the Bizkit frontman. Durst then [article id="1470210"] took to the airwaves[/article], telling Howard Stern that it was "unbelievable about this crap she's saying," and swearing on his child's "blue eyes" that he was telling the truth.

Whatever transpired, life quickly moved on. Spears married her hometown sweetheart and divorced after 55 hours, before marrying Kevin Federline and [article id="1545162"]divorcing him two years later[/article]. Durst, for his part, continued making music and [article id="1549699"]pursuing a directing career[/article] (his latest film, [movie id="297309"]"The Education of Charlie Banks,"[/movie] stars Jesse Eisenberg and Jason Ritter and opens March 27).

But the alleged Durst/Spears dalliance remains a curious sidenote in both artists' careers. So, six years later, what does Durst make of the situation?

"It just became a fiasco of madness," he told MTV News this week. "[But] I always stay true to my heart and true to everything I did and my intentions, and I am in no way a liar."

The confusion over the affair still remains with Durst, and the rocker points to the episode as one of the first in a long line of [article id="1579025"]erratic episodes for Spears[/article]. "I look back on it as very interesting [in terms of] how things have been sort of unraveling for her since," he said. "[But] it is what it is. I can sleep at night knowing I made decisions that I wanted to make. [Still], I'm a supporter. I was then, I guess I am now.

"Her own decisions and different things in her life, people can judge her all they want, but she has an extreme presence and when she's giving it, it's really good," he continued. "I don't think you can really write her off and I just think it'd be silly for people to think that they could. Everything kind of works in cycles and I think she's an example of how those things work."

For Durst, summing up the incident may all boil down to one underlying theme. "I just guess at the time it was taboo for a guy like me to be associated with a gal like her," he laughed.

Check out our chat with Durst about his new film, "The Education of Charlie Banks."

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