One Direction Responds To Fans Booing Zayn Malik At Cardiff Concert

The guys insist they didn't hear it, but this video proves it definitely happened.

Emotions were running high as One Direction kicked off the second leg of their On The Road Again Tour in Cardiff, Wales yesterday (June 5). It was the boys’ first U.K. show sans Zayn Malik, and his absence was definitely felt — especially when his face appeared on the big screen, igniting a whirlwind of feels that resulted in some fans misbehaving.

Everything was going swimmingly until a clip from the band’s “You & I” fragrance commercial started playing behind them. Directioners surely remember this vid — it’s the one released last fall that shows the guys looking all studly and dangerous as they embrace their inner “Mission Impossible” stunt heroes.

Of course, the clip also includes Zayn in all his handsome glory, and the sight of his perfectly coiffed hair and immaculate jawline was apparently too much for some Directioners to bear. As the Vine below shows, several pouty fans started booing in response to seeing him on the big screen.

At the Capital Summertime Ball this afternoon, 1D was reportedly asked about the incident, and thankfully, it seemed to have gone over their heads at the time.

“It’s the first we’ve heard of it,” Louis Tomlinson said, before Liam Payne added, “I don’t think that’s true, if I’m honest.”

Ever the beacon of joy and optimism, Niall Horan chimed in, “We had a gig in Cardiff last night and it was amazing. We haven’t done a gig in a while and to then come back to that.”

Lest you think the booing episode made them sob into their skinny jeans backstage, Niall further alleviated our worries by posting a pair of selfies from their jam-packed weekend.

Hopefully the booing drama was a one-time thing that won’t continue as the boys keep touring. Even though Directioners have every right to feel sad about Zayn leaving the band, it’s not right to spite him for doing so. After all, he gave fans five beautiful, amazing years with the band, and THOSE are the happy times 1D fans ought to remember.

Thankfully, many fans seem to have reached that consensus on Twitter, where the hashtag #Appreciate5YearsOfZayn has been trending since the incident was brought to light.

Besides, we have bigger matters on our hands, people: Operation Justice For “No Control!”

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