Kanye West Says MTV Movie Awards Snubbed Mel Gibson's 'Apocalypto'

'I'm a movie buff,' says opinionated rapper, who just dropped single, mixtape.

Kanye West almost always has something to say about awards ceremonies -- specifically, trophies he believes he deserves. Now, with the MTV Movie Awards coming up Sunday, West is speaking out in a very unlikely person's defense, claiming that the best film of the year was snubbed.

"My favorite movie this year was 'Apocalypto,' and I love Mel Gibson," West said. "Sometimes I feel a little like Mel Gibson. [People say to him,] 'OK, Mel Gibson, we know [your movie is] the best, but if you shut up, maybe we can give you an award.' I think that's how people feel about me sometimes: 'OK, [your album] was the best.'

" 'Apocalypto' was the best movie," West continued. "It's probably some complete bullsh-- that got nominated over it. Around the time of the awards, if you want to ask me what's the bullsh-- that got nominated, I will tell you. It's my opinion; it doesn't mean it's good or bad. I'm a movie buff."

"300," "Borat," "Blades of Glory," "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" and "Little Miss Sunshine" are the nominees for Best Picture at this year's Movie Awards (see [article id="1558337"]"MTV Movie Awards Nominees: Pirates, Spartans -- And That Crazy Kazakh,"[/article] [article id="1560078"]"MTV Movie Awards Get Even Sexier With Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel, Mandy Moore"[/article] and [article id="1559066"]"MTV Movie Awards To Get Rocked By Jay-Z, Rihanna, Amy Winehouse"[/article]). "Apocalypto" did not receive any nods (see [article id="1548104"]"Mel Gibson Tells Some Brutal Truths About The Amazing 'Apocalypto' "[/article]).

It's not just the movies Kanye is enthusiastic about, obviously -- the Chicago native has a new album, Graduation, currently slated for a September 18 release (see [article id="1559402"]"Kanye West Says He's 'Ready To Take Over The World Once Again' "[/article]). He says that in addition to loving movies, he's still a music fan at heart too, and that perspective has helped him stay grounded with his music.

"You can tell when people made music and it sounds like they on a boat all day," he said. "Versus me sounding like I'm right in the trenches. So when you hear it, you're gonna be like, 'Yo, he really is a part of it, he knows what's going on.' It's never a situation where I lose touch because I'm in a different financial bracket. It's not only about the money -- it's about making good music. But I am still in a situation where I have to deliver good sh--. I still have to rap. I still have to go on tour. I still want to invest in the craft."

West has already released the first track from Graduation. It's called "Can't Tell Me Nothing," and the video was shot by Hype Williams in a desert locale. On Tuesday, West's mixtape Can't Tell Me Nothing also hit the Web. It includes a record called "Us Placers," which features Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell Williams. The trio are calling themselves CRS. There's also a snippet of a track called "Stronger," which samples Daft Punk's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger."

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