Robert Pattinson Opens Up About His Awful Audition For 'Transformers 2'

Don't worry! Everything worked out.

With Reporting By Josh Horowitz

Remember that time Robert Pattinson totally bombed his "Transformers 2" audition? No? Well, that's because you probably never heard about it... until now. The young star opened up to MTV News about the experience when talking about coming into his audition for his new film, "The Rover," completely in character.

"Last time I did that was for Transformers 2, and I almost lost my agent," Pattinson said, laughing.

It turns out, Pattinson auditioned for the role of Shia LaBeouf's sidekick-slash-friend in the movie, a role which eventually went to Edgar Ramirez.

"I thought I was being so funny," Pattinson explained. "I was saying I was from somewhere in America, because I always kept thinking that if you say you're English then they judge your American accent."

There was just one minor problem with Pattinson's strategy.

"They knew I was English," he said. "So they were listening to my backstory about being from Denver, and they're like, 'What is this guy on?'"

Perhaps the bad audition was a lucky break for Pattinson, who ended up getting the starring role in a little movie called "Twilight" instead. But even now, he's not great with auditioning, saying that "walking into any room with strangers, I need about 45 minutes of neuroses to get out."

Check out Pattinson in "The Rover," in theaters June 20.

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