Julia Roberts Is A Literal 'Dreamgirl' In Surreal Dave Matthews Band Clip

Video is Roberts' first filmed role since having twins last year.

There's a special guest star in the new Dave Matthews Band video -- a literal "Dreamgirl," you might say. Julia Roberts, in her first filmed role since the birth of her twins last year, stars as a woman with unsettling dreams in the clip for the band's second single from Stand Up.

The actress -- whom DMB violinst Boyd Tinsley calls the "epitome of America's sweetheart" -- is a longtime fan and friend of the band, so it was fun for her to do the guest spot. "I just needed the work," she laughed.

"She's been struggling as of late," Dave Matthews joked. "Things haven't been unfolding exactly the way Julia wants them, so we thought we'd politely give her a hand up."

Actually, the band does more than that in the Dave Meyers-directed video -- each member shows up during Roberts' dream to comfort or save her from a semi-faceless man who's pursuing her. They ask her if she's all right, or tell her it's just a dream.

"The idea, originally, was there would be this dream and this woman stumbling through, being pursued by a group of people, which would be unusual for Julia," Matthews said. "We thought, 'We could be those dark, creepy people,' and then, 'No, maybe we could separate ourselves, and be the characters helping her through the dream.' "

Then again, sometimes they morph into that same faceless man, disturbing Roberts and setting her on the run again.

Even more disturbing for her is that her environment keeps morphing as well. She wakes up, or at least she thinks she does, in a blue-flowered field (actually New York's Brooklyn Botanical Gardens), but when she turns around, she's got nowhere to go, because there's suddenly a building in her way. She makes her way through a gap in a chain-link fence, but after she escapes, she becomes a little girl hiding in a playground. The faceless man is lurking there too, but after she crawls into a tube to hide, she becomes an adult again, caught in an oversized dryer in a laundromat. She gets out, sits on the bench -- and it becomes a church pew.

Scenes fall back into one another until she wakes up -- or at least she thinks she does -- and finds a topless Tinsley making breakfast in the kitchen. "You hungry?" he asks her. She answers the door, and the faceless man has found her once again -- except now he's Dave Matthews. They lean in for a kiss, but before it can happen, she wakes up once again, to Dave's visible disappointment. At least one DMB member, however, gets lucky -- bassist Stefan Lessard turns out to be her "husband" in the end.

"Hopefully, it'll spike the record sales a bit by having Julia in it," Matthews joked. "No, that's not what it's really about at all," he added in mock seriousness. "It's really about art."

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