Surprise! JoJo Drops Her Tringle And Breaks Down All Three Tracks

'I want to impress my fans,' JoJo told us.

JoJo just dropped a tringle bomb on all of us.

The singer has been hyping up her "tringle" -- the "simultaneous release of 3 singles" -- for a little over a week now, and while we were expecting them to drop on Friday, JoJo surprised us all by releasing them one day early.

Trust me, I am not complaining, because JoJo is back! These songs are literally everything. Her vocals are so on point as she pours her heart out on the ballad "Say Love," gets real on the mid-tempo "Save My Soul" and gives us a sure hit with the uptempo dance track, "When Love Hurts."

"I'm nervous in a way -- I just set a high standard for myself and also I want to impress my fans," JoJo recently told us about releasing new music. "They really deserve everything and more, so I want to deliver to them."

And she certainly has. These three singles are JoJo's first official tracks since her last album, which she released nine years ago. In between, she dropped some mixtapes and an EP, but with a long dispute with her previous label, JoJo was unable to release a proper album until now.

JoJo broke down each of her tringles for us, and like she promised they are all "separate, particular and distinct."

"Say Love"

This slow-burning ballad is all about wanting more in a relationship. JoJo revealed that when she played the song for her friends many tears were shed.

"'Say Love" is kind of a call to action -- say what you need to say and demanding more. Putting yourself out there, making yourself vulnerable and you're asking for the same, if not more, in return. It's a big, emotional, driving mid-ballad," she shared with us.

"Save My Soul"

Another song that pulls on the emotional heartstrings. JoJo turns up the tempo on the track, but still brings a song that's relatable, heartfelt and ridiculously catchy.

"It speaks to me about addiction, and can be about love or any other drug and what it means to me," she said.

"When Love Hurts"

JoJo takes things to a whole new level on "When Love Hurts," which will be hitting radio soon. The singer brings in an uptempo dance beat with an infectious chorus that you can't help but sing along to.

"It's that driving song. I love to workout to [it] -- I run to it every morning actually. It's kind of like when something moves you to feel a certain way, a really strong emotion, that's when you know it's probably something you should fight for. It felt like I heard it on the radio. I felt like people my age would listen to it," she told us.