Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas Have Matching Tattoos Now

Forever inked and forever linked

We still don't know if Joe Jonas's new tattoo is a tribute to Sophie Turner, but we now know that the actress got a very similar tattoo around the same time, making it seem pretty likely that this was a joint venture — or at the very least, that they approve of each other's style.

Toronto-based tattoo artist Curt Montgomery posted a photo on Instagram showing off the Game of Thrones star's new ink: A simple line drawing of a woman looking over her shoulder on Turner's upper thigh.

Though the two tattoos are not identical — Jonas's tattoo, also a line drawing of a woman looking over her shoulder, shows the woman with her knee curled up, while Turner's only shows the shoulder and above — they are undeniably alike. And whether or not these portraits serve as a tribute to their love, the happy couple will be bound by their tattoo artist, as Montgomery was also behind Jonas's suspected homage to his bride-to-be.

Like her fiancé, Turner is no stranger to getting matching tattoos. At the 2016 Emmys, she showed off her first piece of body art: an inner forearm tattoo that reads "07.08.09". Her Game of Thrones sister Maisie Williams got the same tattoo in commemoration of August 7, 2009: the day they officially became members of the Stark family.