Gwen Stefani’s Colorful New L.A.M.B. Collection Reflects Her ‘Really Good Mood’

Gwen returns to New York Fashion Week with 'explosive' L.A.M.B collection

It's been three years since Gwen Stefani made her mark on New York Fashion Week, but she has returned, and let me tell you, it was well worth the wait.

The No Doubt frontwoman presented her L.A.M.B. Spring/Summer 2015 Collection at NYFW on Friday (Sept. 5), a line that she has been thinking of, and working on, over this past year.

"It's really cool, it's really fun to be back. I planned it really a year ago. I was like, 'I have to get back to New York. I want to be part of that again,' and now we're back," Gwen told MTV News at the presentation. "And it's weird because I got pregnant and didn't expect that. That was a miracle. And then I just said—after doing that last record—I was ready to flip back into designing, and I wanted to breathe new life into the line again. I was ready, I was inspired."

Deviating from the typical fashion presentation, Gwen had models dance along to "Rock Steady" as they proudly displayed a collection that was vibrant, colorful, and "explosive."

"The collection is reflective of my mood and what's going on. It just feels explosive!" she said. "It's all colorful and happy. I want to just hold on to this moment."

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L.A.M.B. Spring Summer 2015 NYFW Presentation

Gwen, who is gearing up for her first season as a mentor on The Voice, made sure to reinvigorate her line with loose-fitting trousers, jumpsuits, and lots of prints. But more important, she designed the collection based off her mood, and at this moment in time, she's in a really good one.

"I think as the years have gone by, its figuring out—making things that are really, really wearable," Gwen said. "The thing you want to wear every day and that is easy, but you feel like you are still dressed up. It's just a lot of sportswear, a lot of prints, a lot of color. Prints and color are really hard for a lot of people, but here, they're done in such a simple, easy way, that I think I might have pulled it off. . . .I find myself going to black-and-white all the time, so it just depends on your mood, and I'm in a really good mood."

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