Kellie Pickler, Sean Connery, Others Weigh In On Proper Kilt Etiquette

'Just keep your legs together. Be a lady or a gentleman,' Pickler advised at the Dressed to Kilt benefit in New York Monday.

On Monday night in New York City, the number-one question being asked at the Dressed to Kilt event hosted by Sir Sean Connery was "Do you or don't you wear anything under your kilt?" Celebrities including Joan Jett, Gerard Butler and Mike Myers walked the runway set up at the M2 Lounge to help benefit the Friends of Scotland Organization. And MTV News caught up with a number of the attendees on the red carpet to get their take on the au-naturel-under-the-kilt rule.

Kellie Pickler, who modeled in the show last year, had this advice for the kilt wearers at this year's show, whether or not they had anything on underneath their kilts: "Just keep your legs together," she said. "Be a lady or a gentleman. No cartwheels down the runway."

U.S. Olympic speed skater Shani Davis wasn't sure he was ready to bare all underneath his kilt. "Well, they say you have to go au naturel, but I'm going to be wearing something under there," he revealed. "I don't want to hurt the feelings of the crowd out here."

Model Marcus Schenkenberg, who is a vet of this runway as well as many others, was up in the air about where he stood on the no-underwear rule. "We haven't decided yet. We'll see once I get into my uniform, my kilt on," he explained. "I'll make that decision. This is my sixth time doing this show, [so] every time I've been in this show [I've had to wear a kilt]. I actually like to wear sarongs at home. It's very liberating and free. I like wearing kilts and sarongs."

Al Roker was more adamant about the underwear rule. He definitely had plans to wear it. "I will be wearing a kilt. ... No! I will not [be going au naturel]! I can tell you that! ... And most people shouldn't," he joked. "I think Gerard Butler [should go commando]. I think Mike Myers [should], I think ["Real Housewives" star] Kelly Bensimon [should]. If it's good for the guys, it's good for the women. ... [The weather tomorrow will be] fabulous! Unbelievable, you can go without underwear with your kilt."

Meanwhile, Nigel Barker of "America's Next Top Model," who was at the event to judge the celebs on their kilt-wearing abilities, couldn't decide if he wanted to see anyone not wearing undergarments. "Go commando! That's what they say! I like the myth," he joked. "I'm not quite sure if it's 100 percent true. We'll see!"

So, what advice does Scottish native and the night's host Sean Connery -- James Bond himself -- have for those who rock kilts? "You should wear it either on the top half or the bottom, but it really depends on your disposition."

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