Troye Sivan’s ‘The Good Side’ Is A Brutally Honest Apology To His Ex

'This song’s a little rough'

Troye Sivan has done it again. After showing off his Footloose-style chops on “My My My!”, the 22-year-old is back with a second and much gentler taste of his upcoming sophomore album. Warning: this one’s sure to put you deep in your feelings.

This time, Sivan channels his inner Sufjan Stevens for the emotional guitar ballad “The Good Side.” Punctuated by scintillating harps and late-arriving synths, it tells the story of a failed relationship in which Sivan got “the good side” of the breakup. “I got the good side of life / Travelled the universe twice / So many thoughts I wanted to share / But I didn't call because it wouldn't be fair,” he sings with an honesty that hits hard.

Speaking about the new song to Zane Lowe on Beats 1 this morning (January 18), Sivan explained that “The Good Side” is an open letter to an ex-boyfriend.

“This song’s a little rough,” he said. “It’s basically about a breakup that I went through a while ago. You know, in a breakup, I think just the sheer nature of it, is that someone is going to get it rough. And I happened to be on the good side of things — I got to go on tour, I got to go and see the world, I had this very therapeutic experience of singing songs about that breakup and watching people sing them back to me, and I met someone new fairly soon afterwards.”

He continued, “It’s sort of a letter to that person to express apologies and sympathy and if I could change this at all, I would’ve. So I’m hoping that this song, a couple years down the line, is going to serve as a cathartic experience for the both of us to be like, ‘look, this is the way that things happened and whenever we’re ready to move on, let’s do that.’”

While you patiently await more news about Sivan’s as-yet-untitled album, check out his debut performance on Saturday Night Live this Saturday, January 20.

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